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Ahh, summer… longer days,☀️hammocks, beach trips,🏖 cookouts, and fireworks! 🎆 Summer also means celebrating American independence. With July 4 around the corner, we’ve brought together some thoughts on what freedom and independence really mean. For Robert Frost, it’s a chance to be bold. For Einstein, it’s about being empowered to create great things. For Aristotle, it’s about overcoming fears.

That’s the great thing about freedom, though: You can define it any way you choose.

1. freedom is innate

2. freedom is honesty

3. freedom is inspiration

4. freedom is courage

5. freedom is action and thought

6. freedom is boldness

7. freedom is fearless

Which of these quotes resonates the most with you? Tell us what freedom means to you, wherever you might be at the moment: @illumyinc on all platforms.



Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash