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Place phone calls without using your cell phone minutes or your phone provider's international calling plan. You just need an internet connection and the illumy app.

The reliable, easy, and safe phone call app to call around the world

  • illumy is both private and secure.
  • You can make inbound and outbound calls.
  • We have some of the lowest—or often the lowest—rates for making a phone call.
  • Use your smartphone or computer, no matter where you are.

snag your unique phone number Your phone number will show on caller ID when you call others.

Receive calls directly to your illumy phone number.

Choose from thousands of area codes.

illumy offers multiple calling options

Call mobile numbers or landline phones around the world.

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Make free HD calls to other illumy members.

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Make inexpensive phone calls across the globe.

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making calls is easy

1. Set up an illumy account in seconds.2. Upgrade to an i2 or i3 plan.3. Type in the phone number you'd like to call.

illumy is a complete communications platform that combines HD voice, video, and phone calls with messaging, email, and group chat.

Yes. Voice and video calling is free on illumy when you’re calling another illumy member. If you want to call landline and mobile numbers, you can upgrade to a low-cost paid plan ($3 for unlimited calling to the U.S. and Canada or $9/month for FREE calling to 48 countries—plus super cheap rates for hundreds of other countries).

It’s totally free to use most illumy features, including calls with other illumy members in the app. If you want a unique phone number and the ability to call landline and mobile numbers in the U.S. and Canada, you can upgrade to the i2 plan (just $3/month). And if you choose the i3 plan ($9/month), you get unlimited calling to 48 countries for free. You can also purchase calling credits and use those to call almost any nation—and with prices this low, those credits will last you a very long time.

Definitely. Log in to your illumy account (or create an account first, and then log in) using a supported browser. Find the person you want to call using the global Search feature, by finding their names in Contacts, or by selecting their name in the sidebar. Click the Voice Call icon at the upper right of the middle pane, and enjoy crystal-clear sound that’s better than traditional landlines and cellular calls.

Yes! You can use your free account and/or phone number (if you have a paid plan) to make and receive calls from your computer or mobile phone, provided that your device meets the minimum requirements.

Simply sign up and log in to the app, then find the person you want to call. Click the Voice call icon at the top of your conversation thread, and talk in full HD (better than the calls you normally make on your mobile phone). If you upgrade to i2 or i3, you can use the built-in dial pad to call landline and mobile numbers.

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