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Make and receive global calls with your personal illumy phone number.

Pay as you go, with cheap international rates that are completely ad-free.

Call from your computer or smartphone with the illumy mobile app.

call local or international phone numbers—it's easy & inexpensive

  • Set up your illumy account in seconds.
  • Upgrade to the i2 plan for $3 per month, and receive $2 of free calling credit as a bonus.
  • Select your free illumy phone number.
  • Add a prepaid calling credit amount.
  • Complete the upgrade process, and you're ready to make and receive calls.

select your free phone number Place and receive phone calls to landline and mobile numbers around the world with your free illumy phone number. Your number will display on caller IDs and can even receive return phone calls!

make cheap international calls

illumy offers some of the lowest rates available for international long-distance calling to more than 235 countries around the world. Say goodbye to international calling cards. Locations include the United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, India, South Korea, Brazil, Columbia, Chile, Indonesia, Germany, Czech Republic, Japan, China, and many others. And incoming local and international calls are completely free!

Call from your computer or smartphone with the illumy mobile app

reliable calling to old landline or mobile numbers

illumy uses the same networks that traditional telephone companies use today—what's known as the public switched telephone network (PSTN) for the tech geeks out there—to ensure your landline and mobile calls are reliable and high-quality. With very competitive international calling rates, illumy combines the best of free VoIP and PSTN calling so you can call landlines and mobile phone numbers around the world.

all you need is an internet connection

  • You don't need another phone service. In fact, illumy doesn't use your phone service provider at all.
  • The person you're calling doesn't need to be an illumy member—just dial their local number or cell phone.
  • It doesn't matter what kind of phone (landline, mobile, desk phone, etc.) the person you're calling has.

You guessed it: illumy! We offer everything you need to make an international phone call but at a fraction of the price and with superior call quality.

It’s a complete platform that allows you to not only make landline calls but also free in-app voice and video calls with messaging, email, and group chat included. We call it “persistent communication.”

Calling between illumy users is delivered in high-definition voice. This means your calls sound crystal-clear for both parties (as long as you both have a good internet connection). Calls to landline or mobile phones use the regular telephone network, so call quality will be the same as when you make landline or cell phone calls today.

You bet. illumy is an easy and inexpensive way to make international calls from your computer (PC or Mac).

Pay-as-you-go, per-minute rates start as low as $0.01 per minute and are based on the recipient’s geographic location. So if you’re calling Country A, the rates are the same, whether you’re right there in Country A or far away in Country Z.

If you use the illumy app to call another illumy member (that is, if you’re not dialing a phone number but are using the Video Call or Voice Call features of illumy), the calls are FREE.

If you’re on a paid illumy plan, calling to and from the countries included in your plan is FREE. Outside of the included calling zones, rates start as low as $0.01/min.

Once you upgrade to a paid plan, you can purchase prepaid calling credits. When you make calls, your credits are debited based on the per-minute rate of the country you’re calling. If your balance gets too low, you can purchase additional credits, manually or automatically, so that your international calls can continue uninterrupted.

Telephone companies fiercely protect their profits by continuing to charge steep per-minute rates for international long-distance. We’re changing that dynamic by providing international calling far more cheaply than other international calling providers.

illumy accepts all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

Not at all. With your illumy i2 or higher plan, incoming local or international calls are always free to answer.

You bet. By upgrading to the illumy i2 plan, you get a free local phone number that can call illumy subscribers as well as other local or international calling destinations worldwide. As long as your device is connected to the internet, your call will be placed no matter where you are. This means your friends and family can call you as if you’re still local, even if you’re halfway around the world.

It’s the same experience as receiving any other type of call. If your computer is connected to broadband, it will ring to indicate an incoming call.

Yes. You must be signed in to illumy via a web browser—currently only Chrome and Firefox support voice calls. Incoming calls will ring to your computer, and you can accept or dismiss them as needed.

Yes. The app will ring, and after about 40 seconds, it’ll go to voicemail. And paid illumy plans offer voicemail transcription (voicemail-to-text).

It’s easy. If the person you wish to call is an illumy user and you are connected as a Smart Contact, find their name in Contacts, and then click the Voice Call or Video Call buttons. You can also call from within the conversation thread with that person using Voice Call or Video Call buttons. If you want to dial a landline or mobile number, simply navigate to the person’s name in Contacts, or click right the arrow in the Widgets Panel to reveal the dial pad, and start dialing.

Yes. To dial a phone number that begins with the plus (+) symbol, you must dial the international prefix (011, when calling from North America) and then the country code.

Not much. The illumy calling app consumes less data, because we use the latest voice compression technology while offering high-definition call quality. The typical bandwidth usage for a three-minute call is about 300 to 450 KB, depending on your network connection.

With illumy, you can make calls to 235 countries around the world at some of the lowest calling rates available. 

You guessed it: illumy. Sign up, and call the kingdom today.

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