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how to call Mexico numbers with illumy

  1. Use illumy to make free, high-def voice or video calls to other illumy members.
  2. Upgrade your plan to i2 for just $3/month. Use your illumy phone number to call Mexico for as little as $0.01/minute (landline) or $0.02/minute (mobile).
  3. For only $9/month, switch to the i3 plan, and enjoy unlimited international calling to Mexico and 42 other countries with no per-minute charges (landline and mobile).

illumy’s awesome for international calling

Call illumy members using illumy for FREE, in HD voice or HD video. Or you can opt for a low-cost paid plan for three bucks a month, and then buy calling credits in $5 increments. You can also choose the i3 plan, which is only $9/month, and use your illumy phone number to call people around the world, Mexico included, for no additional fees.

Some of the less-reputable/free VoIP services flood you—and the people you’re calling—with ads. illumy isn’t like that. We put people first, and people hate ads.

illumy offers calling to cell phone numbers and landlines in Mexico—as well as hundreds of international calling destinations.

When you upgrade to the i2 or i3 plan, you can choose a United States phone number and area code. And your new phone number is visible to the people you call.

No prepaid calling cards. No negotiating with your mobile or long-distance carrier. No unexpected charges for you or the people you call in Mexico. There are no extra steps required for you or your abuela (or anyone else you choose to call).

The country code for Mexico is +52. To call a phone number in Mexico from the U.S., you’ll dial 011 (the exit code), followed by 52 (the country code for Mexico), and then the local area code and phone number.

ditch those calling cards

Calling cards seem cheap until you consider the hidden fees. Over time, they can really add up. illumy offers extremely competitive rates for calling Mexico (and most other nations). You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time—there are no contracts or hidden fees.

call using voice and video

Hear the voices and/or see the faces of your loved ones for free. The 100% FREE way to call Mexico is by creating a free illumy account, and then inviting everyone you know to join for free, too.

That way, you can make high-def voice and video calls using a supported web browser. The quality is so good, it’s like being in the same room.

cheaper than most major carriers

International, or even just long-distance, calling through your landline or mobile carrier is expensive. illumy makes it very affordable to call Mexico or hundreds of international numbers. For example, five bucks with illumy buys you about 100 minutes to call landlines in Mexico and about 50 minutes for mobile numbers. With most major telecom or mobile carriers, $5 gets you less than five minutes!

Plus, new i2 and i3 accounts come with $2 in complimentary calling credits. That covers 100–200 minutes calls to Mexico (depending on if you call a landline or mobile number).


quick-start guide: how to call Mexico from the U.S. in 3 easy steps

  1. Join illumy, and upgrade your plan to i2 or i3.
  2. In the web app, click the Phone icon. In the mobile app, simply tap the Dial Pad icon.
  3. Dial 011, then 52, and then the phone number.
  4. Start chatting—without breaking the bank.

You have one full year to use your calling credits after you buy them.

Not at all. illumy works anywhere that has internet or a data connection. Do note that the phone number you choose when you upgrade to an i2 or i3 plan will be a U.S. number.

Definitely! Unlike Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and similar apps, illumy never spies on you and never listens in—and we do NOT allow advertisers of any kind to do so, either.

Our team has deep experience in telecommunications. We’ve not only created an efficient app, but we’ve used our relationships with the very same providers that the major carriers use. So we get the same rates they do, but we don’t mark them up for massive profits.

  1. Download the free illumy Android or iOS mobile apps.
  2. Once you open illumy, tap the Dial Pad icon at the bottom of the app window.
  3. Dial 011 52 and then the phone number.

It’s illumy! By leveraging deep relationships with the carriers’ carriers (the same carriers that your telco company uses for international calling), illumy can offer extremely inexpensive rates for calling Mexico or hundreds of other destinations around the world.

The math is simple. Say you want to call Mexico every month and talk for one hour. The i2 plan costs just $3, and then calling a landline for an hour costs $.60—less than a buck! Mobile numbers cost a wee bit more ($1.20 for an hour). Now, if you plan to call often and talk for a long time, the i3 plan costs just $9/month, and that plan includes UNLIMITED calling to Mexico—no per-minute fees!

What’s even less expensive than this? Free HD voice or video calling from one illumy member to the other. It’s 100% free and 100% ad-free. No gimmicks. No eavesdropping. No data gathering.

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