illumy is the best way to call the UK sign up free Call England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Island from the U.S. easily and without ads

there are three ways to call the UK

  1. Make free voice or video calls with other illumy members.
  2. Upgrade to i2 for $3/month, and call the UK for as low as two cents per minute.*
  3. Upgrade to i3 for $9/month for unlimited international calling to the UK and 43 other countries.
*Rate is 2.3¢ per minute.

why use illumy for international calling?

With illumy, if you want to call someone else who is on illumy, there are zero charges. If you upgrade, you only pay the monthly subscription fee ($3 or $9) and calling credits in $5 increments. No annoying maintenance fees.

Some discount or free VoIP calling solutions bombard you (and the people you call) with ads. illumy is 100% ad-free.

With illumy, you can call cell phone numbers, landline numbers, and premium phone numbers. In addition to the UK, illumy offers international calling to hundreds of destinations.

Each i2 and i3 account comes with a United States phone number that can receive calls and will show up on the caller ID of the people you call.

The person you’re calling won’t have to jump through any hoops. When you upgrade to i2 or i3, you can call almost any phone number in the world, and all they have to do is answer the phone.

The UK country code is +44. To call a UK phone number from the United States, just dial 011 (the exit code), then 44 (the country code for the UK), then the area code and phone number.

better than calling cards

Some calling cards may appear to be cheaper at first, but all of those hidden fees definitely add up. Also, if you ever decide to close your illumy account or downgrade from i2 or i3, the monthly charges stop immediately.

voice and video calling

If you need to speak with someone you know, the least expensive way to call them is to invite them to join illumy. It’s totally free!

Once you’re both on illumy, you can have unlimited voice and video calls from from a supported web browser on your computer.

less expensive than major carriers

Long-distance calling, especially international, can really add up if you place the call through your telco company. For example, $5 will cover 86 minutes on illumy but only 1 to 2 minutes through major carriers.

All new i2 and i3 accounts start with $2 in calling credits—enough for an 86-minute phone call to the U.K.


quick guide: how to call the UK from the U.S. in 3 steps

  1. Sign up for illumy
  2. In a browser, click smaller, solid Phone icon (upper right area). In the illumy mobile app, tap the Dial Pad.
  3. Dial 011 44, and then the phone number.
  4. Connect and communicate without spending an arm and a leg.

Your calling credits are usable for up to one year—this includes the calling credits that come with new i2 and i3 accounts.

Not at all. illumy calling works anywhere that you have an internet connection on your computer or mobile device. Just know that the phone number you select when you upgrade to a paid plan will be a U.S. phone number.

Yes. illumy doesn’t listen in to your phone calls or spy on your messages—and we don’t allow advertisers or anyone else do it, either.

illumy was built by telecom and VoIP experts who, collectively, have decades of experience and have built relationships in the industry. Thus, we were able to use the same wholesale international calling and long-distance carriers that the major retail telecoms and mobile providers do. illumy get the same amazing calling rates that the big companies do, and they pass them on to consumers without the big, fat markups.

  1. Download the Android or iOS illumy mobile app.
  2. Once you open illumy, tap on the Dial Pad icon.
  3. Dial 011 44 and then the phone number.

illumy. It’s far less expensive than major telco companies. There are other services that may seem less expensive at first glance, but you’ll have to jump through hoops to use them or be faced with an unexpected mountain of fees.

If you’d like to call a regular UK landline or mobile phone number and chat for an hour per month, it will cost $3 the first month, $8 the second month, and $8 the third month. If you’d like to chat for 3 hours per month, it will cost $8 each month. And, if you want to talk for more than 217 minutes per month, you’d want to upgrade to i3 for $9 per month for unlimited calling to the United Kingdom as well as 47 other countries around the world.

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