how much do the illumy tiers really cost?

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how much does it cost to be an illumy member?

Anyone can join illumy. The i1 plan is 100% free—no gimmicks, ads, or hidden costs. Our i2 and i3 tiers have a monthly service fee, but it might surprise you just how much you get for just a couple bucks a month.

is the illumy i1 plan actually free?

Yes, the i1 plan is free. And unlike Slack or Gmail, we don’t serve ads to our users. illumy is completely ad-free, all the time.

What about my personal info? Are you selling that? Be honest!

Your personal info is safe with illumy. We do gather user (anonymized) analytics as part of our normal course of business, but we never sell your personal info to anyone!

what’s included in the free i1 tier?

  • A dedicated email address ( — it’s perfect for sending messages to people who aren’t (yet) using illumy.
  • Group chat for up to 100 people—illumy makes it dead simple to create groups of up to 100 members.
  • Unlimited digital voice and video calls to other illumy users—connect to other people on illumy in a snap.
  • File sharing—your illumy account is also a file-sharing repository. Upload individual files up to 500 MB.
  • Smart contacts—you’ll always see your connections’ most up-to-date info. And you decide what (and with whom) to share your personal info.
  • iOS, Android, and your web browser—illumy works across all of your devices, no matter where you’re logged in.

what about i2?

The i2 plan costs just $3 a month, including taxes and fees. What’s included?

  • 5 GB of total file storage instead of 2GB
  • An actual phone number with a local area code of your choice—perfect for when you want to keep your main number under wraps
  • Unlimited calling to landlines and mobile numbers in the US and Canada—premium numbers not included
  • Monthly calling credits—check out our great calling rates.

so, how much is the i3 tier?

The i3 plan is just a little more than the i2 plan: $9 per month instead of $3. In addition to everything that comes with i2, i3 includes 10 GB of file storage and unlimited international calling to 43 countries. It’s true! Make unlimited calls to 43 countries, and get great rates on calling the rest of the world.


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Calling Rates for

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i1 plan i2 plan i3 plan
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i1 plan i2 plan i3 plan
illumy to illumy calling unlimited calling included unlimited calling included unlimited calling included
Landline n/a
Mobile n/a
Premium n/a
Details: Calls are rounded up to the nearest minute. A fair usage policy applies to unlimited calling capabilities. Some premium, special rate, or geographic numbers are not included. Restrictions apply.