Common Questions

illumy has a very simple signup process. Visit using a supported web browser, and click the “Sign Up Free” link. Learn more >

All that zesty goodness of illumy is refreshing, but the best way to enjoy it is with others. Invite anyone you’d like to join you on illumy.  Learn more >

If you’re having trouble signing in to illumy because you forgot your password, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.  Learn more >

Now that you’ve joined illumy, it’s pretty easy to log in from any device—and multiple devices at once—without losing any context or conversation history.  Learn more >

We’d much rather keep you signed in and using illumy, but we understand there are times when you’ll need to sign out. It’s super easy to do.  Learn more >

illumy gives you the ability to control who sees what in your profile. And we offer a granular level of control that puts you in charge of your privacy.  Learn more >

To upload or change your profile photo, tap or click “My Profile Photo” in the My Profile section, and then follow these easy steps.  Learn more >

If a contact no longer sparks joy, it’s easy to remove them. It just takes a couple of steps, and you can move on with your day.  Learn more >

To get the best possible illumy experience, make sure your browser and your desktop/laptop and mobile operating systems meet the minimum requirements for illumy.  Learn more >

Quick References

shortcuts for the 10 most popular emojis

illumy has hundreds of emojis you can use to add flavor and feeling to your conversations. Here are the 10 most commonly used ones and their respective shortcuts.

The Contacts A.I. in illumy looks at your profile info and assesses similarities privately and securely between you and other people on illumy. It looks at things like:

  • degrees of connection between you and another person
  • mutual connections you share with someone
  • your likes, hobbies, interests, and other information that you include in My Profile

Using pattern-matching, a set of rules, and a dash of A.I., the engine comes up with a list of potential and private connection recommendations for you—a curated list of awesome illumy members you might want to connect to. And the more you accept or dismiss the suggestions, the more insight it has, and the smarter its recommendations will be. Contacts A.I. is continually updating based on new data it receives from users, and it’s always improving as part of the illumy experience.

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