basic versus smart contacts

Kerry Washington waving her hand, caption: basics to the leftAs you add contacts on illumy, you might notice that some of them appear in purple type and some in black. The names in blue are “smart contacts”—the people who were smart enough to join illumy—like you!

The black names are basic contacts. There are some similarities, but there are some notable differences, too.

start with the basics

What’s a basic contact? Basically (see what we did there?), it’s someone who is not an illumy member but who is connected to you on illumy. Because illumy works with all the email addresses in the world, anyone can connect with you on illumy—with your permission, of course—but you may not be able to use all the cool features with basic contacts.

You can add them as a Favorite, for example. And, of course, you can exchange messages and emails with them the same way you can with illumy members. But you can’t use the built-in voice and video call features. If they change their email address, they have to re-connect with you, and if they get a new phone number, they’ll have to let you know so you can manually enter it into their contact card—ya know, the way it was done in the olden times, before the “illumy-nation.” 😎

bringing the world together: other ways to communicate with basic contacts

We’re realists. We realize that not everyone will join illumy. Heck, there are some people who don’t have email addresses and still use fax machines.  illumy bridges this technological gap and gives you multiple ways to communicate with those who aren’t on illumy (“off-net contacts,” as we call them).

If you upgrade to an i2 plan or higher, you get your own phone number that works with the existing landline system (the public switched telephone network, or PSTN for short). Now, you can use your illumy phone number on your computer or your mobile device to send SMS messages and call anyone in the world for next to nothing (plans start at $3/month).

all about the smarties

We might be biased, but we think the best kind of contacts are smart contacts. Those are illumy members you’ve connected with, and their names appear in purple in your contact list. They’re “smart,” because you can use all of the available features on illumy to interact with them. Effortlessly switch between chat, voice, and video and back again, without ever losing the context of the ongoing conversation. Share files without size limits. Enjoy HD voice and video quality for free.

Plus, when a smart contact changes their contact info, they don’t have to send out a mass email with their new vCard, and you don’t have to manually enter anything. They simply change their contact in illumy, and everyone has the most up-to-date info, automagically.

The power of illumy is that you can communicate with anyone in the world—and just a little bit easier with smart contacts. So go out there and get your friends to join you on illumy.

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