keyboard shortcuts

Are you one of those people who use their mouse 🖱 to copy and paste something, or do you hastily tab between apps and use your fast fingers on the keyboard ⌨️ to get things done?

Whether you’re a mouser or a keyboardist, illumy has handy shortcuts that will save you time (and make you look like a speed demon. 😈

in a message thread

  • Tag someone or everyone: Use the “@” key and type the first few letters of their name. If more than one search result is shown, use the Up/Down arrow keys ⬆⬇ or the Tab key to navigate the names that pop up, and then hit Enter/Return to select the one you want.

  • Summon an emoji: Type a colon, no space, and then the name of the emoji you’re looking for. If there’s more than one choice, use the Right and Left arrow keys ⬅➡ to navigate to the emoji you want, and then hit Enter/Return.

  • Add a line: Use Shift+Return/Enter to add a new line to your message without sending it.

  • Send a message: Hit Control+ Return/Enter (Mac and Windows) when you’re done typing, and away it goes.

  • Edit the last message you sent: Hit the Up arrow. ⬆ When you’re done with your changes, hit Enter/Return.

  • Format your text: Bold words using Command-B (Mac) or Control-B (Windows). Italicize with Command-I (Mac) or Control-I (Windows). Underline words by typing Command-U (Mac) or Control-U (Windows).

in the sent-message menu

If you hover over a sent message, you’ll see a pop-up menu with several options.

  • When you click the Emoji icon, a menu with additional options pops up. Tap the Tab key to select emoji categories.

  • Use the Up/Down arrow keys ⬆⬇ to navigate through the displayed emoji choices. Hit Enter/Return to choose the one you want.