using “@” to mention someone

When you want to direct a message to someone in a group or even a one-on-one thread, just mention them with the at (@) symbol. Tagging someone puts a red unread message badge on the thread so your recipient will know they’ve been mentioned and they can’t miss it.

So, how do you @ mention an illumy member in a thread?

how to mention someone

This feature is really helpful when you want to direct a message to one particular person.

  1. In the message, type “@” followed by the person’s name you’re mentioning (don’t use a space after “@”).
  2. A pop-up will appear with names of people in the thread that match the characters you typed. For example, if you type “@Ja,” anyone in that thread who’s first name begins with those letters will appear in the pop-up. You can keep typing the name or select the name of the person you’re trying to tag from the pop-up.

how to “at” everyone

Sometimes, you have an urgent or emphatic message that all members of a group thread need to see. If that’s what you need, we’ve got you covered!

  1. If you want to tag all members of the thread, type “@everyone.”
  2. Then, type the message and send it.
  3. Note that the “@everyone” tag only works in group threads, not one-on-one threads.

unread messages badge

  1. When you mention someone or they mention you in a one-on-one thread, the unread message badge turns red for the person who’s mentioned.
  2. If someone is mentioned in a group thread, all group members will see a teal unread message badge except for the person who’s tagged. They’ll see a red badge.
  3. If everyone is tagged in a group thread, the badge will appear red to all group members.
  4. red unread messages badge indicates you (or everyone) has been mentioned. The number inside does not correlate with the number of mentions. It only reflects the number of unread messages and shows that at least one of the messages mentions you or everyone.

things to note

  • This feature is coming soon to the mobile apps.
  • Mentions aren’t global, which means you can only tag members of the thread and not anyone on illumy.
  • You can also mention yourself, by typing “@” plus your name (no spaces) or by typing “@me” and then hitting Enter/Return.
  • When you click a mention (except for @everyone), it brings you to that person’s contact information.

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