The power of P2P connections

One of the best things about illumy is the control you have over who you connect with, how you connect with them, and exactly which information they can see. These P2P connections allow you to make digital connections with only the people you want to connect with. Nowadays, online companies are happy to sell everyone’s personal information to the highest bidders.

But with illumy, your privacy and data are protected and totally in your control. Your inbox won’t be full of spam from advertisers (or scammers) trying to use your online activities to manipulate you or sell you stuff you don’t want or need. illumy gives your digital identity back!

find & connect with others

The great thing about illumy is that every connection begins with an invitation. There’s no more “opting out,” because here, the only people you interact with are those you have chosen to opt in. To connect with someone, type their name in the top search bar. Select their name from the pop-down menu (just below the search bar), or in the search results displayed in the middle panel. Then, click the Connect button. Once you click “Connect,” the button changes to “Withdraw Connection” (you know: in case you change your mind).

invite your squad

It’s super simple to invite your friends to join in on the awesomeness that is illumy. In the upper right of the blue navigation bar at the top, click the envelope with the plus sign. In the pop-up window, type the email address of the person you want to invite, customize the message, and click the blue Send button at the bottom. That’s it! Easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy.

accept invitations to connect

When someone invites you to connect on illumy or sends you a message for the first time, you’ll see their name in the left side panel (in Messaging view) with a notification badge. Click their name, and in the middle panel, you will have the option to accept the invitation. Click the Accept as Friend button or the Accept as Acquaintance button. To deny the connection, click the red “X.” (No worries: they don’t receive any indication if you deny their request.)

If you clicked “Accept as Friend,” your connection will see the profile information you’ve made visible to your friends (represented by the people icon in your profile). If you chose to “Accept as Acquaintance,” they can only see the info in your profile that you’ve set to “Acquaintances” (handshake icon) or “Everyone” (globe icon). These options give you extreme control over who can see what in your illumy profile.

withdraw an invitation

If you change your mind about inviting someone to connect, you can withdraw the invitation. In Messaging view, select the person’s name in the left panel. In the middle panel, click the Withdraw Invite button (it’s below their name and the envelope icon).

remove a connection

If a contact no longer sparks joy, it’s easy to remove them. In Contacts view, select their name in the left panel. Their contact info is shown in the middle panel. If the contact is an illumy member, you’ll see a white button with a red border called “Remove Connection.” (If the contact isn’t on illumy, the button will read, “Delete Contact.”) Either way, click that button, and a pop-up window appears asking you to confirm or cancel. Choose wisely. While you can always add someone back, your conversation history with them disappears permanently when you remove the connection. This is one of the ways illumy guards your digital privacy.

Marie Kondo on a couch, caption: Does it spark joy?

Note: Although your contact is not notified when you remove them, your name will disappear from their Contacts side panel the next time they refresh their screen or log back in.

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