Quick tour of illumy

You’ve signed up, logged in, and made a call or sent a message in illumy. Now, let’s take a tour of all the features and fun stuff that make illumy the greatest thing since sliced bacon.

top navigation bar

When you log in, you’ll see a blue bar at the top of the window with three sets of elements: the illumy logo, a search bar, and a handful of icons. These items are key to your illumy experience, so let’s explore them one by one.

left: sprite/hamburger menu

The graphical part of the illumy logo (the sprite) appears in the leftmost part of the top blue bar. It’s clickable, and it functions the way hamburger-style menus do in other apps. Use it to navigate to Messaging (the default when you log in), Contacts, and Settings.

middle: search bar

In the center of the blue bar, you’ll find a search field. You’ll use this to find your contacts, other illumy users, message content, and even files you’ve sent or received.

right: icon set

You’ll see a small group of icons on the right of the blue bar. The envelope with the plus sign is to invite people to the platform. The 3D cube shows/hides the right panel of the illumy window—the Widget panel. The gear icon is Settings (also accessible from the sprite/hamburger menu). You’ll use it to access Notifications, Account Information, Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy. And the power button icon on the far right will sign you out of illumy.

main application window

Just below the top blue bar is the main window of illumy, which is divided into three areas: left, center, and right. Each area will have different information in it, depending on if you’ve selected the Messaging, Contacts, or Settings view.

left panel

When you’re in Messaging view, which is the default when you sign in, the left sidebar displays your profile photo and illumy email, the Compose Message button, and anyone you’ve interacted with on illumy (as well as their online status).

When you are in Contacts view, the left sidebar will show a list of your contacts sorted alphabetically. Selecting a contact, including yourself, will display their contact information in the center panel. In Settings view, the sidebar will reveal the Settings menu, where you can customize your illumy experience.

center panel

This is the main area of activity in illumy. In Messaging view, this panel contains the ongoing conversation you’re having with the person or group whose name is selected in the left panel. You’ll also see a trio of icons at the top right of the conversation thread. These icons differ slightly, depending on if you’ve selected a group name or a single person’s name.

If a group thread is selected, the icons allow you to add a person to the group, change settings for the group thread, or favorite the group. If you select an individual name, the icons enable you to voice call, video call, or favorite that person.

At the bottom of this panel is where you can type a message to the selected contact. Use the blue icons on the right side of the message field to tag someone, add emojis, attach files, or send animated GIFs. You can also react to, like, or flag a message you’ve sent—like a digital sticky note—using the three vertical dots to the right of the individual message. In addition, you can edit or delete a message that you sent.

In Settings view, the center panel is where you can make changes to the setting that you select from the left panel.

In Contacts view, this panel displays the contact information for the person selected in the left panel. You’ll also see the Send Message, Voice Call, and Video Call buttons at the top right of their contact card.

If you select your own name in the left panel in Contacts view, the center panel shows your profile information. At the top, you will see several links you can use to navigate to different areas in the center panel, where you can change your photo and contact info (and who can see that information) and provide additional details about what makes you… you.

right panel/widget panel

The right panel, or Widgets panel, stays pretty much the same in all three views. In Messaging view, the top area of the right panel lists files that you’ve sent or received in the conversation thread. If no contact is selected in the left panel, the Files area will be empty.

In Contacts and Settings views, the top right Widget changes from “Files” to “Tool Space.” More features will be added to this area soon.

The middle part of the right panel is Contacts A.I. Several suggested contacts are visible, and you can add them with the blue Connect button. Using the double arrow icon in the upper right of this module reveals even more people you may want to connect with.

The lower section of this panel is the Calendar displaying the current month. Additional functionality will be added to the Calendar soon.

Tip: You can quickly hide or show the entire Widgets panel using the cube icon in the top blue bar.

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