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Calling Rates for

[get_sheet_value location="country"]

(+ [get_sheet_value location="callcode"] )
i1 plan i2 plan i3 plan
[sc name="popup_total_minutes"][/sc]/min
i1 plan i2 plan i3 plan
illumy to illumy calling unlimited calling included unlimited calling included unlimited calling included
Landline n/a [get_sheet_value location="landline_i2"] [get_sheet_value location="landline_i3"]
Mobile n/a [get_sheet_value location="mobile"] [get_sheet_value location="mobile"]
Premium n/a [get_sheet_value location="premium"] [get_sheet_value location="premium"]
Details: Calls are rounded up to the nearest minute. A fair usage policy applies to unlimited calling capabilities. Some premium, special rate, or geographic numbers are not included. Restrictions apply.