Using illumy as your primary email address

If you want your illumy email address to be your main one, you’re one smart cookie. 🍪

illumy email is everything email should be—secure, fast, resistant to spam, ad-free—and it plays nice with regular email addresses. We know it can be a pain to change your email address. But let’s be honest: People do it all the time. That’s why you don’t see too many AOL addresses these days. 🙂

Besides, using illumy as your primary email has tons more benefits than that old-fashioned email you have now.

the email with an upside

illumy is, hands-down, the best version of email around today. It’s encrypted, for starters. That’s right, we finally have easy-to-use, encrypted email. Plus, it’s private. We don’t sell or share your data—ever. There aren’t limits on attachment sizes, and we never compress your images or videos. Honestly, it’s pretty great.

But one of the most practical features of illumy email is that it plays well with all 5 billion email addresses on Earth. When you send an email from your illumy address, your recipient just sees a normal email message (even in software that makes it a little tougher to render email, such as Outlook). And when they reply, it shows up in the conversation thread like all your other illumy messages—it’s that easy!

sign up

Start by signing up for illumy and selecting your desired email address. Early adopters have the advantage of getting the best and shortest emails. Imagine having before the other thousands of people with your same name can nab it.

invite others

We just said that illumy works with all other email addresses—and it does, flawlessly. But emails between illumy members enjoy full end-to-end encryption. 🔒 (When you send an email from illumy to an external address, the encryption doesn’t extend to their email provider.) Plus, we’re building something amazing, and we want every one of you awesome people to be a part of it.

To invite people to join you on illumy, click the envelope with the plus sign on it in the blue bar above the right panel. Enter their email addresses, and customize the subject and message—or just click send. Piece of cake! 🍰

send an email

in a web browser

Start by clicking “Compose Message” just below your name and email address, at the top of the left panel. In the middle panel, enter the email address(es) in the To field and a subject in the field below (optional). Click in the message field, and start typing. And remember: You can use emojis, files, giphys to add tone and nuance to your message, and your recipients will see it all—even the ones still using plain old email.

in the mobile app

If you’re on the illumy mobile app, click the envelope in the lower left to go to Messaging. Then, click the plus sign in the upper right of the window. Enter the email address(es) and a subject (optional), and start typing away. You know—email.😉

control who contacts you

screen shot of illumy. Roz Choi has invited you to connect. Three buttons: Message Preview, Accept, DismissTraditional email lacks the ability to control who can contact you. Sure, there may be blacklist features and auto-responses available to you, depending on your email provider. But all it takes for someone who’s determined to email you is for them to change their email address.

illumy, on the other hand, puts you in charge of your email. When someone outside of illumy emails you, it’s a little different (better!) than what you’re used to.

in a web browser

The sender’s email address will appear in the left panel. Select it, and in the middle panel, you’ll see three options:

  1. Message Preview gives you a sneak a peek of the email they’re sending (they can’t tell whether you read it).
  2. Accept allows the email to be delivered to you and will automatically add that email address as a contact.
  3. Dismiss prevents the email from being delivered (but the sender won’t know a thing).

You can also just ignore the request. The sender will have no idea that you’ve ignored the message. Their email address will appear in the left panel, in black type, below your Favorites and will descend in the list as more recent conversations move to the top. If they email again, their name moves back to the top (but still beneath your Favorites).

in the mobile app

The invitation appears in Messages. You’ll see the email address of the person and two icons:

  1. The Green checkmark accepts the invitation and adds the person to your Contacts.
  2. The Red “X” declines the invitation.

To preview the message without alerting the sender, tap on their email address. You can also ignore the request, and the sender will never know. It’ll be our little secret.🤫

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