It’s illumy! By leveraging deep relationships with the carriers’ carriers (the same carriers that your telco company uses for international calling), illumy can offer extremely inexpensive rates for calling Mexico or hundreds of other destinations around the world.

The math is simple. Say you want to call Mexico every month and talk for one hour. The i2 plan costs just $3, and then calling a landline for an hour costs $.60—less than a buck! Mobile numbers cost a wee bit more ($1.20 for an hour). Now, if you plan to call often and talk for a long time, the i3 plan costs just $9/month, and that plan includes UNLIMITED calling to Mexico—no per-minute fees!

What’s even less expensive than this? Free HD voice or video calling from one illumy member to the other. It’s 100% free and 100% ad-free. No gimmicks. No eavesdropping. No data gathering.