free calling app sign up free Easily and securely connect using voice, video, and text.

Want to have a secure voice or video call for free? Simply call other illumy members through the free international calling app.

international calling plan. illumy members talk for free anywhere in the world Connect to other illumy members without an

Chat using voice and video from home or while traveling overseas on your computer or mobile device. On the move? Enjoy wi-fi calling as well as calls over mobile data or a mobile hotspot.

you just need an internet connection

You can make calls directly from your internet-connected computer in your browser window—no new app downloads required.

calling friends and family is easy

  • Set up an illumy account in seconds.
  • Send an illumy invitation to the person you want to call.
  • They accept your invitation and sign up.
  • Click on their name in the illumy app.
  • Click on the phone or camera icon to place your free call.

HD voice & video so good it's like you're in the same room Free phone calls that are high-quality? That's right! illumy voice and video calls are high-definition to provide crystal-clear sound and video. Enjoy calls without static, hissing, popping, crackling, echoing, "robot voice," "underwater voice," or other quality issues.

complete calling functionality

HD voice

HD video

audio mute

camera on/off


enjoy peace of mind with secure conversations

illumy protects your communications with enterprise-grade security and end-to-end encryption.

switch between voice, video, and text—on the fly

Sometimes a single conversation requires text, gifs, voice, and video. Enjoy the freedom to communicate the way you want, when you want, all within the same conversation.

illumy is a complete persistent communications platform that combines voice and video calling with messaging, email, and group chat.

You can make illumy calls to any other illumy user, as long as you’re both connected to the internet.

Yes. Connect to illumy from your web browser. Sign up or log in to illumy using your computer.

Your internet connection will affect the quality of your call just as it affects all your other online activities. 

  • If you’re on wi-fi, be close enough to your router to ensure a strong connection. 
  • If you’re using cellular data, make sure you have strong enough cellular reception for 4G data speeds.
  • Reduce the number of active apps that use bandwidth during your calls so you have the most bandwidth possible for your call.
  • Make sure you have enough bandwidth to run multiple applications on your network. 

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