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illumy lets you chat online with up to 100 contacts at once and communicate with text, emojis, giphys, videos, photos and even live photos.

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enjoy chatting online with photo and video sharing

With illumy online chat, you can share high-resolution photos and videos and more.
illumy saves those files for you unless you choose to delete them.

Save and share photos, videos, and other files in illumy.

Download files from illumy.

Generate and share links so others can download your files too.

group chat with friends and family

illumy works on smart phones, laptops, as well as your desktop PC. It can send messages to a group chat as well as an individual and can send online chat messages within illumy or as emails. This makes it simple to enjoy group chatting for free with your friends and family from day one, even if they're not on illumy yet.

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you're in control of your online chat

Add and remove group members, and even edit and delete messages as needed. Say goodbye to embarrassing typos and mistakes.

chat securely on any device

Use your illumy account to chat on multiple mobile devices (iOS and Android) and on your desktop computer or laptop. Your messages are encrypted and shared only with the people you choose to send them to. illumy doesn't share your content with any third parties.

create chat rooms for anything

  • update friends and family about your vacation over wi-fi
  • organize and plan group events and meet-ups
  • share photos of your children privately
  • stay connected with out of town relatives and former colleagues
  • connect online with groups, teams, and clubs
  • send holiday photos and greetings in one place

switch from talk to text and back again

Have voice calls with other illumy users at any time. Click the phone icon within a chat room to make voice calls to any illumy user - for free.

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I chat with people online?

illumy is the new way to connect & communicate in the digital age. Search for friends and family, send invitations, and chat online through your web browser or mobile app for free.

Can I chat with people who aren't on illumy yet?

Yes, you can chat with people inside or outside of illumy. Just use your illumy account to connect with people using their email address. When you send a message from illumy to somebody's non-illumy email address, your friends and family will receive it as an email in their inbox. You can even add a non-illumy email address to a group chat; they'll receive messages as emails, and when they reply to those emails, the group will see it in illumy, too.

How do I start a group chat?

Signing up for illumy takes less than 30 seconds. Once you have signed up, you can start chatting with anyone by composing a message to their email address or by inviting them to join you on illumy. Starting a group chat is easy, simply compose a message with two or more people to start a group chat and click send!

How does the chat application work?

illumy uses a peer-to-peer connection between you and your friends and family. Once an invitation is sent and accepted, you can chat with individuals or groups. The chat application uses persistence to keep your conversations cloud sync'd on all of your devices securely and safely.

Is it free to chat on illumy?

Yes, you can signup for free on illumy and connect with your friends and family to communicate individually or in a group. illumy does not sell your information to third parties or include advertisements as part of our service. In the future, we will offer additional premium services for a fee that you can choose to add as part of your account.

How do I add a contact to my group?

It's simple to add a contact into your group chat. Simply click on the "Add Member" icon in the top chat bar or within the group chat window.

How do I have a private conversation with someone from the group?

While in a group chat, if you'd like to have a private conversation with a member of the group, you can simply click on the person's name within the group chat to go to that person's contact card. From there you can send them an invitation to connect or if you're already connected, click to send them a private message.

How do I mention someone in a group chat?

@ mentions are a fun and powerful tool to highlight a member in a group chat. As you are typing a message, type the "@" sign and a list of group chat members will display. Continue typing the name and the menu will filter down the group chat members to find a match for the person you are looking to mention. You can click the group member name, tab through the selections, or use your scroll arrows to select and highlight the group member you would like to mention.

How often will I receive group chat notifications?

When a new group chat message is received, you will receive a notification. Group chat notifications are configurable within illumy and can be on at all times, allowed during a certain time of the day, or turned off entirely. illumy allows you to choose your level of notifications to provide you a great group chat experience.

How can I make sure I never miss a message?
  1. Download the app for free on your phone and keep a Window for it on your computer too
  2. Turn on notifications
Can I chat without providing an email address?

Yes! You only need a mobile number to sign up for your free illumy account.

illumy is ad-free

No pop-up ads. No Banners. No advertisers showing up in your messages.
illumy puts you in control of your experience.

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