take online chat to the next level sign up free Today's chat software is bland and basic. But it doesn't have to be that way. illumy lets you chat with up to 100 people at once, edit and delete messages, and communicate using way more than just text.

chat online while sharing files, photos, & videos

share high-resolution pics and videos

illumy supports multiple formats.

send any type of file via chat

Or generate links so others can download your big files.

your stuff is saved

You decide when to delete it—and you can access your files and chats from any device.

group chat with friends & family Send online chat messages to individual recipients in illumy or to any external email address. Or start a group chat with up to 100 participants. illumy gives you group chatting for free with anyone, even if they're not yet on illumy.

you're in control of your online chat

Add or remove participants in a group chat. Delete messages after you send them—or edit them to remove those pesky auto-correct typos. React with giphys, likes, or emojis. illumy puts you in the driver's seat.


chat securely on any device

illumy works on your computer as well as on your Android or iOS mobile device. Mobile chat has never been easier or more secure. Your files and messages are encrypted from end to end—your content and files are private and belong to you. We don't share (or sell) your data to third parties.


create chat rooms for anything

  • Update friends and family about your vacation over wi-fi.
  • Organize and plan group events or meetups.
  • Share photos of your children privately.
  • Stay connected with out-of-town relatives and friends.
  • Connect online with coworkers, teams, or clubs.
  • Send holiday greetings via email, chat, or text using a single app.

switch from text to talk and back again Make voice calls to other illumy users at any time within a chat room—simply click the phone icon, and enjoy the crystal-clear sound of high-definition voice.

illumy is the new way to connect and communicate in the digital age. Search for friends and family, send invitations, and chat online through your web browser or mobile app.

Absolutely! When you send a message from illumy to somebody’s non-illumy email address, your friends and family will receive it as an email in their inbox. You can even add a non-illumy email address to a group chat. They’ll get the messages as emails, and when they reply to those emails, you (and everyone in the chat) will see their replies inline, in the chat conversation.

It’s easy. Start a group chat by selecting an illumy contact’s name, then start typing. That’s it! If you want to start a chat with someone who’s not on illumy, use the Compose Message feature, enter their email address, and send. This works for group chats as well.

llumy uses a secure, peer-to-peer connection between you and your friends and family. Once an invitation is sent and accepted, you can interact with one or many people (up to 100). Messages are persistent, which means your conversation history is always there—and sync’d in the cloud for you to access on all your devices.

Yes. illumy is a freemium service. A basic account is free, and it comes with tons of features. Though the i1 option is free, illumy isn’t ad-supported. We won’t sell your information to third parties or allow ads as part of our service. And if you want to unlock more great features, additional premium services are available.

It’s easy! Click the Add Member icon in the top chat bar or within the group chat window.

When you’re in a group chat, having a private conversation with a member of the group is simple. Just click on the person’s name to see their contact card. From there, you can send them an invitation to connect—or if you’re already connected, click to send them a private message.

“Mentions” (using the @ symbol) are fun. But they’re also very useful to highlight someone in a group chat. As you are typing a message, type the At symbol (@), and a list of who’s in the group chat is displayed. Continue typing the name, and the menu will filter the group chat members to match for the person you’re looking for.

To select the group member you want to mention, you can:

  • Click the group member name.
  • Tab through the selections.
  • Use your up/down arrows.

When a new message is received, you’re notified. Notifications are configurable within illumy and can be on at all times, allowed during a specified time period, or turned off entirely. illumy allows you to choose the level of notifications you want—no more, no less.

Download the illumy app on your phone, and turn on notifications. Or, if you’re on your computer, open illumy.com in your browser, enable desktop notifications, and keep the window open. Make sure your sounds are on and your volume is up.

Yes. You just need a mobile number to sign up for a free illumy account.

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illumy is ad-free

No pop-up ads. No banners. No marketing in your messages. illumy puts you in control of your experience.


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