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Stay better connected with your contacts, and see your conversations and attachments in a thread (like text or IM) from any device.

Using Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Comcast, Roadrunner, Outlook, Verizon, Xfinity, Juno, Hotmail or other legacy email inbox? It's time for a fresh and modern email experience that is conversational, multi-media rich, and fun. This is Persistent Messaging with illumy.


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  • Enjoy a media-rich experience with emojis, giphys, videos, photos, and even live photos.
  • Edit and delete messages when needed.
  • Share messages privately and securely.

merge your email, IM, & chat conversations

With an illumy email account, you can sync email, IM and chat conversations between all of your contacts and centralize them on one platform.

enjoy an ad-free experience

The illumy SPAM Stopper puts you in control of your experience. No pop-up ads. No banners. No advertisers showing up in your messages.

unlimited image, file, & audio storage capacity

Upload, store and share images and files with ZERO limits on illumy. That means you can securely send photos, share audio, upload videos and enjoy the peace of mind that the files will go through, and nothing will be lost.

the ultimate in email privacy

Keep your emails out of the hands of advertisers. illumy doesn't provide the contents of your messages, your contact lists, or behavior to third parties. Your personal data is kept private and secure—the way email should be.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why use illumy over other webmail providers?

illumy is not the same old thing with a fresh coat of paint. illumy is email reimagined, created for the way we communicate today.

Will illumy slow down my computer or phone?

Absolutely not. You can use Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari to access illumy on the web. You can use the illumy mobile app on iOS or Android, as well, with an app custom made for those devices.

How do I sign up for an illumy email address?

If you're on a Windows or Mac PC, click here. If you're on a mobile device, download the illumy mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

How do I check illumy emails from my phone?

Download the illumy mobile app for your iPhone here and Android here.

Can email be blocked?

Yes, you have ultimate control for who and how you connect with others in illumy. Your Contacts become the approved list to freely communicate via text and voice. When you reject a connection request or email, those senders are blocked from sending you any further communications.

How does email work?

Email was built over 40 years ago and predates the World Wide Web by 17 years. Email was originally designed to allow electronic mail communications across a public Internet rather than using paper and postage stamps. Fast forward to today and email hasn't changed much. It's still basic text and individual email accounts that have several folders to organize incoming and outgoing email messages. It uses a series of email servers to transmit messages between other servers to be able to send and receive messages from over 5.2B email accounts worldwide.

Which email is safest?

When it comes to security and safety with email, unfortunately the news isn't good. Emails are sent and received using human readable text, and many email service providers don't use encryption to protect the contents. Furthermore, email messages hop between multiple email service providers and domains as well as multiple servers and each server can retain a copy of that message for some time. Because of this, a message—including its attachments—can potentially be in multiple places at one time and readily intercepted and read by malicious or non-malicious 3rd parties. So, unfortunately, the majority of email is not private and not secure. This is one of the main reasons why illumy was created: to provide secure and private email service with a modern and media-rich persistent messaging interface.

Which email is the best?

illumy is the best email provider available today. Check it out risk free.

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