follow these 3 expert tips to add more spontaneity to your life

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You might feel bound to routine — and, in an uncertain world, even comforted by it.

But stepping outside your comfort zone has real benefits. You’ll meet new people. You’ll gain new knowledge. And, by being taken outside yourself, you’ll actually be able to lower your anxiety ☺️.

The very universe is spontaneous. As the universe expands and its energy disperses, its entropy increases. That, in thermodynamic terms, is defined as spontaneity.

Become more in tune with the universe 🧘 and vibrate on a higher plane ✨with these spontaneity starter tips:

Plan for spontaneity.

Yes, it’s ironic. Shouldn’t spontaneity be about rejecting plans and schedules?

It should — but when you have a busy life and multiple demands on your time, blocking off time to be spontaneous 🗓 is the only way to ensure it happens.

Author and Stanford Graduate School of Business lecturer Nir Eyal calls this “timeboxing.” By blocking off 4 spontaneous hours each weekend with his daughter, he ensures she has his full attention 🥳 during their time together.

“Scheduling spontaneity doesn’t lessen the joy of spontaneity; it enables it,” Eyal writes. “You still have the freedom to do whatever strikes you in the moment — even more so because you know that’s exactly what you intended to do.”

The lesson: Set aside time to be spontaneous, and put it on a calendar to make it official.

Practice mini-mindfulness techniques.

If you’re struggling to turn off your rational brain and lean into spontaneity, mindfulness tactics can help.

To ground yourself in the moment, clinical psychologist Joe Oliver says, renew attention to your bodily experience.

“Anchor ⚓️ into your feet, notice your breath for 🔟 seconds, roll your shoulders 🔙, and drop your arms,” he tells the Guardian newspaper.

Another mindfulness hack to increase spontaneity: jot your thoughts down first thing in the morning. Author and filmmaker Julia Cameron, who calls this technique Morning Pages, recommends filling 3 full sheets of paper 📝 each day.

The objective is to sweep your thoughts out of your head 🧹 and onto the page. You can then enjoy what the day has to offer instead of worrying.

The lesson: Become more zen with journaling and deep breathing to better enjoy being in the moment.

Involve others on your spontaneity journey.

Spontaneity shouldn’t be a solitary pursuit. Instead, try to bring other people along.

That means either someone on whom you focus your spontaneity, like Eyal with his daughter, or those who also want to step outside their comfort zone.

Psychologist Oliver suggests having a spontaneity “buddy” with whom you take turns coming up with new things to do. Or you can both introduce an option and flip a coin 🪙.

“I’ve got a favorite pub but my partner often wants to go somewhere else, not in my comfort zone,” he says.

A partner will not only help you think of ways to be spontaneous but keep you accountable to staying spontaneous. Think of how having a personal trainer motivates you to work out. It’s the same principle: involving another person will give you a little kick 🦶 that wouldn’t otherwise exist.

In addition to keeping you accountable, practicing spontaneity with another person lets you share both the experience 🙏 and the gratitude 🕺 that comes with it. Gratitude — another mindfulness tactic — can even rewire your brain over the long term.

The lesson: No person is an island, and spontaneity is more fun (not to mention more lasting) when other people are involved.

What spontaneous act have you practiced lately? We’d love to hear all about it – find us on social media @illumyinc.

Photo by Ricardo on Unsplash.

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