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Let’s be honest. Despite all the ways technology is supposed to make our lives easier, our lives are pretty darned complicated. And the thing that we should be focusing on, the thing that would really make life better—connecting with others—has been hindered by technology as much as helped by it. How do we break out of this cycle and use tech to make true connections happen?

The team at illumy is driven by a philosophy we call “illumy life” (or #illumylife, as you may have noticed on our social media). What do we mean by “illumy life”? Well, when someone is living an illumy life, they:

  • have figured out how to get more “adulting” done in fewer hours each week—and they’re using that time to focus on their health, their community, and their relationships.
  • are more effectively communicating with others by moving beyond one-sided blasts and social likes and toward deeper conversations—ones with meaning and consequence.
  • feel connected with others. In this age, where loneliness and depression are prevalent, they don’t take connection for granted. They actively work toward connection.

Why is that so important? Well… healthy, meaningful relationships help us humans live happier and even longer lives. Together, we can start to improve the social fabric of our communities.
We call it illumy life, because even though you can experience illumy life without using our app—it’s certainly a lot easier with illumy. And it’s the ethos of our people-centric company. Either way, if you’re using illumy or not, here are four steps you can take today to enrich your life.

1) Simplify.

Aim to do your work more efficiently. Phase out things that eat into your time—time you could use to focus on your relationships and being your best self.

2) Communicate.

Move away from blast communications, filtering or retouching every photo, and online drama. Be real. strive for authenticity in your conversations, both online and offline. In fact, make it a point to interact in real life. Talk to the real, flesh-and-blood people around you.

3) Connect.

Ask deeper questions. Give thoughtful responses. Get to know the people you care about as well as the people you interact with during your day. If they’re far away, message them, call them, or have a video call with them. There’s no substitute for laying eyes on a person when you crave their company. If they’re nearby, meet up in person. Give them support when they need it. Respect everyone all the time. It’s time to rebuild our communities and establish (or fortify) our inner circles.

4) Be open to happiness.

Let’s face it. There’s a LOT going on in the world. Things seem chaotic and uncertain. And it’s very easy to wallow in all of the sad and stressful things going on. But you can also decide to be open to happiness. Take joy in the small victories, big wins, and the joys of others around you. If someone reaches out to you, show them you care—because that’s the kind of person you need more of in your life. You are worth it. We all are.

So, if you’re ready to change your life for the better, consider living an illumy life. Need a little help? Never fear! We regularly share content about it on our social channels and here on our blog. And if you feel you’ve mastered it? Help others find their way. The world needs more “happiness ambassadors,” don’t you think? 

Cheers to your happiness. Cheers to living an #illumylife.

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