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illumy is a free and secure instant messaging app to chat with friends and family on your computer, iPhone, or Android device.

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Our instant messenger technology combines email, SMS, instant messenger, and group chat into one full-featured app so that you can keep track of your social life on one secure platform.

keep individual & group conversations going

Our instant messenger platform lets you chat one-on-one with your contacts and groups of up to 100 people. Search, browse and rekindle both old and new conversations by chatting in real time or with long pauses in between.

cloud sync'd across your devices

Your messages and files sync to your secure illumy account. This allows you to access your conversations and files on any computer and multiple mobile devices, and nothing's lost when you get a new phone.

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send emojis, share your photos, upload files & share videos

illumy's messenger is secure and lets you privately share rich media, emojis, giphys, regular photos, live photos, videos, and other files without having to worry about upload or account limits. Your messages and the files you share are stored with that contact or group for later reference and access.

enjoy instant messaging with privacy & security

Anything that you share on illumy (photos, videos or files) is yours and yours only. It's your data and you can choose what you do with it. Choose to share or keep it private, secure with enterprise-grade encryption. There is no 3rd party advertising or selling of your personal information. You are in control.

experience persistent communications

Switch between text, voice, and video conversations with ease. When you send messages to friends or family who aren't on illumy yet, they'll see your messages in their email inboxes.

Frequently Asked Questions
How does the messaging app work?

Our secure messaging feature is just one of the many in-app features you get access to when signing up for an illumy account. To get started on the messenger, you first need to either create your account or download our iPhone or Android app.

  • To sign up on your computer, click here to get started.
  • To download our mobile app, visit the App Store or Google Play and then create your account.

Once you create your account, start sending messages to your friends via their email addresses or by inviting them to join illumy.

Why does messaging matter?

Instant messenger apps allow you to communicate quickly from a variety of devices using rich and fun text, emojis, giphys, videos and live photos. Unlike SMS text messaging, our messenger also lets you communicate from and to multiple types of devices, including mobile phones, laptops, tablets and desktop computers. There is never a per message fee and you can message anybody around the world.

Why are messaging apps taking over social media?

Messaging apps allow you to keep in regular contact with the people you know; it's more about conversations than broadcasts. Relationships are our most important asset, and messaging allows us to stay connected more easily. This said, not all messaging apps have the same features or benefits.

How has instant messaging changed communication?

IM systems started by allowing individuals to quickly chat between one another, usually on a single platform (e.g. a PC). Today, persistent messaging includes instant messaging but also mobile messaging and group chat as well. The ability to include more people and have them cloud sync'd across all devices (desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet, and even wearables like your smart watch) allow you to always stay connected and never miss a message.

How is instant messaging different from texting?

Traditional texting is conducted from a cellular device and has character and media type limitations. Instant messaging is primarily computer based messaging between individuals. Persistent messaging can operate from any device and allows all media types (text, emojis, giphys, pictures, voice, video, etc) to be shared.

Which messaging app works in the U.S., Dubai or even Australia?

illumy works anywhere you are. That includes countries around the world that offer the ability to connect to the open internet. If you have broadband, you can send messages to anybody on illumy.

Is illumy messaging secure?

illumy is a secure messaging app using 256-bit encryption from your connected device to our secure cloud servers. Messages sent between illumy users can be shared privately without worrying about their data being intercepted by anyone.

Which messaging app should you use?

You should definitely give illumy a try.

What is the next big thing in instant messaging?

Instant messaging is evolving to include email, messaging, group messaging, voice, and video calling into a single software experience. Give illumy a try and you'll see the next big thing in instant messaging.

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