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Here at illumy, we think communication needs a big upgrade.

There are the needed technical improvements: things like better security 🔒, more privacy 🥷, and improved speed 🐇.

And, on a more fundamental level, there’s the fact that we just aren’t communicating well. Today, our conversations are fragmented — across emails, group chats, WhatsApp, Discord, Telegram, phone calls, and more.

“Did you get my message?”
“When did you call?”
“Can you resend the latest version?”

All of this fragmentation is causing pain, inefficiency, and confusion. And it’s separating us from each other. 😑

Version 3.0 of illumy aims to tackle this fragmentation problem. It’s a philosophy we call “Better Together.”

Better Together: all-in-one communication

On the new-and-improved illumy, you’ll get your email, messaging, group chats, and calls in a single interface. We believe that when your communications are consolidated 🪢, the app gets out of the way and frees you to communicate more richly.

That means things like .gifs in email. Emojis in email. Files visible in a quick-nav widget. Media (photos and videos) in a separate widget. A phone dialer that pops out when you need it, and hides when you don’t. And lots more.

We’re bringing the best of all the different worlds together, in a UI that’s incredibly easy to navigate (and, did we mention, lightning-fast.) ⚡️

Accept no substitutes

In designing the new illumy experience, we benchmarked all of the messaging apps out there. What we found is, there’s room for improvement nearly everywhere.

Take Slack, for instance. On Slack, you join what’s called a “workspace” to message people within your organization. If you aren’t logged in to that workspace, you’ll get an email notification any time you get a message. That’s a lot of notification spam 😓, and it’s a bad system for anyone (e.g., creatives) with multiple workspaces.

Discord makes it a little easier, allowing you to switch between servers — but you have to find and attach to the servers in the first place. At the same time, each server can have dozens or hundreds of channels. You can only keep up if you scan and stay on top of all of these channels all the time, and spam is once again a huge problem. 👎

Or there’s iMessage. It’s widely used because it comes standard on every Apple device, but it doesn’t support email at all. You can chat with other people on iMessage, and that’s it. 😐

Expect to be impressed

With the new illumy, we’re aiming to offer a better experience than all of these apps. That means support for private chat groups of up to 1,000 people. Unlimited on-net voice calling to other illumy users. And a tech stack that we’ve built from the ground up for maximum speed and security.

(Those other guys? With the exception of Apple, they run on public clouds.)

The goal is to not only give you a single tool 🔨 for all of your communications but deliver a better communication experience. Your messages will be organized by sender (or group), with notification badges telling you if you missed something new. And we’ll help you keep spam at bay with a ban list and AI-powered spam blocking.

Sounds cool, right? We think so. Keep your eyes peeled: illumy 3.0 is coming very soon. 💥

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash.

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