super-happy fun times word-search puzzles (& solutions)

super-happy fun times work-search puzzles

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HAVE YOU HEARD (well, seen)?

We’ve started teasing your brains on Instagram with some fun word searches for you and your quaran-team to solve together. The first puzzle is live now, and we’ll release a new puzzle every week (a total of four at first), and they’ll be centered around different topics:

  1. summer fun

  2. friendship

  3. communication

  4. illumy life

Head over to Instagram, and check them out. They’re fun, free, and a great way to exercise your cranium 🧠. If you’ve already solved one or more—or at least you think you have 😉—you can check your answers below, in our handy answer key/cheat sheet.

word search solutions

⚠️ SPOILER ALERT ⚠️ If you haven’t solved these word searches yet, don’t scroll down!

week 1 answers: summer fun

Nothing beats the frivolity and flavors of summer. Cold drinks and warm days are just the best.⛱ The words you had to find are grill, swim, yard, lemonade, family, picnic, sun, warm, outside, and relax. Did you find all 10?

week 2 answers: friendship

Friendship makes the world go round. True friends are rare to find and so important to keep. 🥰 The words to find in this one are love, support, kind, happy, loyalty, respect, trust, sharing, bond, and listen. Were you able to solve this one?

week 3 answers: communication

Communication is essential to the human experience. It’s how we form relationships and convey information to other people. 🗣The word clues for this puzzle are video, voice, calling, email, message, chat, group, app, secure, and free. There were a couple words that appeared in reverse—did you see them?

week 4 answers: illumy life

Living an illumy life is means you take care for others and practice self-care.💜 You find joy and beauty in the simple things. You’re comfortable with yourself. This word search features thanks, kind, joy, diversity, imagine, strength, courage, inspire, happy, and smile. Did you smile while solving this one? We hope so!

Did you love these word searches? Want to see something different? Give us a shout-out on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. We want to hear from you!

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