3 ways illumy helps you battle spam

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illumy is about making email, messaging, voice, and video simple, streamlined, and fun.

But when it comes to combating spam, we’re deadly serious. 😤

Spam is a pernicious problem. In 2021, it accounted for nearly half of all email sent globally (45.1%, to be exact).

That means even if you make every effort not to share your email address, you’re still getting deluged by spam on the daily. 🤧

Here are the 3️⃣ main ways illumy battles spam and delivers zen to your inbox.

illumy empowers you to reject mails from unknown senders.

The first and most important way we help you keep spam at bay: giving you the power to decline emails from unknown senders.

This support article explains how the feature works. The long and short of it is, if someone emails you for the first time at your @illumy.com email address, you’ll see a message like this one ➡️ pop up.

Clicking “Accept” allows the mail to be delivered and adds the sender as a contact. “Dismiss” prevents the mail from being delivered, without ever notifying the sender.

It’s the perfect tool for keeping your inbox tidy.

illumy lets you restrict access to the email addresses in your profile.

Another powerful illumy tool for combating spam is profile permissions.

We’ve covered these before — here’s a blog post that describes the permission levels in detail.

How do profile permissions help fight ⚔️ spam? Any non-illumy email addresses you add to your illumy profile have a permission level attached, allowing you to choose ☝️ who gets to see them.

In other words, you can make those email addresses visible to:

  • Public — anyone with an illumy account
  • Acquaintances — any of your illumy contacts
  • Friends — your closer contacts
  • Best Friends — your inner circle
  • Only Me — no one except yourself

It’s easy to switch the permission level of an illumy contact between Acquaintance/Friend/Best Friend. Just navigate to the Contacts pane, find the contact you want to edit, then click or tap on the permissions icon under the contact’s name (it’s to the right of the star icon and the share icon).

illumy protects your personal info from third parties.

At illumy, we’re all in on providing a better email experience. To that end, we keep all of the info you share with us totally private ✋ and secure 🔐.

Private means we don’t share or sell any of your illumy profile info or personal data to anybody.

Secure means we use enterprise-grade communication protocols to hide your data from snoops.

And with the next version of our platform, we’re making illumy even more secure by adopting the open-source OAuth 2.0 standard. OAuth will better protect your username and password on illumy.

To get the absolute most privacy and security, illumy messaging is your best bet. The difference between messaging and email on illumy: messaging keeps all of your messages on our servers, where they are end-to-end encrypted. When you send an email via illumy, it leaves our servers and enters the public internet — sans encryption.

Inbox zen 🧘‍♂️ is in reach with illumy … so start emailing!

Photo by Mad Luthfi on Unsplash.

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