4 ways to make extra $ this summer

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Are you home for the summer and looking to give back to your community while making some dolla-dolla 💵 bills? If so, we got you.

work at a restaurant or bar

Food service establishments typically like to see experience on your application. But this year? All bets are off. The pandemic set in motion a series of events that has made it an employee’s market. People of all stripes are looking to change jobs. And restaurants and bars are in desperate need of reliable staff.

It’s such a job seeker’s market that you may be able to negotiate hours or perks. You’re likely to be paid more than in the past, too. Working in a bar or restaurant equals means long shifts—but if you show that you’re a dependable worker, you can likely get a gig that works with your schedule (instead of the other way around).

drive for ride-share or food delivery

Ride-share companies like Uber and Lyft or delivery companies like DoorDash, Postmates, or GrubHub offer a super simple way to make money 🤑 with no long-term commitment. All you need is the company’s app (as well as your own transportation 🚙 🚲) to get started. You can set your hours ⏰ and take advantage of bonuses the companies provide during surges or other busy times.

For truly unbiased info about getting started on these platforms or how to maximize your earnings, check out driver communities like ridesharingforum.com or the Uber Drivers’ subreddit.

tutor students

Tutors are always in demand for challenging topics: math, physics, writing, SAT prep, etc. This particular summer, the demand for all subjects is off the charts, as students play catch-up from the lockdowns and prepare for in-person learning this fall.

There are a few ways to become a tutor. You can be a lone wolf, partner with friends whose expertise complements yours, or find a tutoring-matching service that pairs you with clients. Though the last option is easiest, they’ll take a big cut of your earnings. ☹️

A great option—especially if you want to return to tutoring next summer (or sooner)—is to create a website for your awesome tutoring skills. Then, look to Google to learn how to optimize the site to rank high for your areas of expertise and location on search-engine results pages. Yoast has a great explainer on local SEO to get you started.

write an ebook

Are you really good at something? Maybe you’re better at tutoring than teaching. Or perhaps math is your strong suit, but writing isn’t. Or the other way around. Writing an ebook 📕 is a brilliant way to make money while sharing your passions 😍 with the world. It also helps build your brand, which can make you more marketable—as an employee and an entrepreneur.

The best way to get started is to think 🤔 like a marketer and research 🔎 what’s out there already. Try writing about a niche topic (for example, how to create a wardrobe that lasts or how to get the best deal on a used car)—or apply your unique skills or knowledge to an existing topic that most people don’t really understand.

If you have free time this summer 🌞 and want to get your side hu$tle on, let us know what you’re up to: @illumyinc on all platforms.


Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash


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