5 ways to help your neighbors this summer

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Finding yourself free for the summer and wanting to do some good 😇 in your community? Whether you live in the city, the suburbs, or in the country, people in your area need your time ⏱ and talents. But where do you start?

Here are five ideas for helping your community this summer. Get inspired, and get out there!

donate blood

Blood levels nationwide are at a record low. No, Dracula 🧛🏻‍♂️ isn’t to blame: Blood donations took a hit during the pandemic and have yet to recover. If you’re healthy, organizations like the Red Cross need your help to replenish their blood supplies. You can donate whole blood once every 56 days or plasma every 28.

Your blood is especially valuable if your blood type is 😮 O-negative. For plasma, it’s type AB that’s in demand. Vampires probably don’t discriminate—but wouldn’t you rather your precious blood 🩸 go to other humans?

volunteer locally

There are countless community organizations in need of help, with the pandemic having reduced donations and volunteer hours. Look to churches ⛪️ or food banks 🍞 to help organize a food drive. Reach out to your local school district to see if any summer-school programs need assistance. Or find cleanup groups 🚮 working to beautify your community’s green spaces.🌳

What’s the best place to start? Just Google your town/neighborhood name and “volunteer.”

visit the elderly

Loneliness among senior citizens was already a problem pre-pandemic. In the past year, it’s reached epic proportions. Seniors are often homebound, 🏚 and COVID-19 limited their ability to socialize even more. With most older people having been vaccinated, 💉 now is a great time to re-engage with elderly people in your community.

In addition to joining organized programs like Meals on Wheels, 🍽 you can reach out to senior centers to see if they allow drop-ins. Many seniors want nothing more than a 🗣 conversation—and you would make a huge difference in their day, or even their year, just by showing up.

organize pickups of old tech/e-waste

Most households have a drawer full of old phones 📱and chargers 🔌 or a closet stacked with old computers.💻🖥

You can help people tidy up (and do right by the environment) by organizing a tech disposal drive. Many communities do provide e-waste disposal, but it’s usually offered just once or twice a year. Do some quick online research to find organizations that dispose of e-waste responsibly, and then get the word out that you’ll pick up people’s castoffs. You may be able to keep hundreds of pounds of junk out of landfills.♻️

do yard work

If you’re looking for volunteer opportunities that get you outdoors, consider doing landscaping🧤 work for free. Many people—such as elderly or disabled folks—can’t do their own landscaping and can’t afford to hire pros.

See a yard choked by weeds 🌱 or tall grass? Knock on the door.🚪 Even if the resident doesn’t want your landscaping assistance, there’s a strong chance they’ll be grateful for the human contact and your thoughtful gesture.

How are you planning to spend your summer? Hit us up: @illumyinc on all social platforms.



Photo by Marvin Kuhn on Unsplash


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