how illumy smart contacts make ordinary contacts look dumb

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Contacts are dumb. There, we said it.

Not the kind you wear 👀 — but the ones on your 📱.

What’s our beef with contacts? First and foremost, they exist in just a single place. Think your SIM card, your device memory, or a particular email account.

That’s Rolodex-era thinking. And so is the belief that everyone should be responsible for managing their own contact list.

You and I may have contact info for the same John Smith, but I might have only his work number 📞, and you might have just his personal email address 📧. If you want to reach him about work, or if I want to reach him for something personal, we’re both out of luck.

illumy smart contacts (see what we did there?) solve this problem. When people have an illumy account, their profile info serves as their contact card.

That means if you and I and John Smith are on illumy, John’s info looks the same to both of us — even if he updates it ✏️.

(There is a catch: illumy also lets you set profile permissions on a person-by-person basis. So, John could theoretically share his entire profile with you, and just his favorite food, or whatever else, with me.)

Smart contacts don’t just give you your connections’ latest deets: they also provide more control 👏 over your own information. Your profile is totally customizable, and the permissions feature lets you choose exactly who sees what.

On illumy, permissions apply to everything, even your profile picture 🖼️. Your “contact card” (your illumy profile) appears how you want, to whom you want. And because illumy profiles/contact cards live in the cloud, your info is accessible and editable any time, from anywhere.

There’s yet another feature to illumy smart contacts: the ability to connect with your contacts in many different ways. Chat? Yep. Voice? Easy. Video? No sweat. All you need is a data 📡 connection.

We know — smart contacts are a different way to do things. Here’s a quick rundown of why they leave conventional contacts in the dust:

  1. Smart contacts keep you up to date ⏰ with your connections. Any profile edits they make get pushed to you instantly.
  2. Smart contacts give you super-granular control 🦾 over your personal data. You can adjust your profile permissions to your heart’s content.
  3. Smart contacts unlock 🔓 the full illumy feature set. You and your connections get HD voice, HD video, chat, and file sharing.

Contact lenses help you see better. And illumy smart contacts help you communicate better. No prescription required.

Photo by sehoon ye on Unsplash.

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