The cheapest international calls to

i2 plan


  • Unlimited email & messaging
  • Free HD voice & video calling to illumy members wordwide
  • Your personal illumy virtual phone number with caller ID
  • Unlimited inbound calls to your illumy virtual phone number
  • Unlimited calling to 21 countries
  • Landline calling
  • Mobile calling

i3 plan


  • Unlimited email & messaging
  • Free HD voice & video calling to illumy members wordwide
  • Your personal illumy virtual phone number with caller ID
  • Unlimited inbound calls to your illumy virtual phone number
  • Unlimited calling to 50 countries
  • Landline calling
  • Mobile calling

i1 Plan

Free HD Calling to illumy members in


  • Receive unlimited calls to your illumy virtual phone number

You can call in three different ways with illumy

  1. Use the free HD voice or video calling features with illumy members in India.
  2. Select the i2 plan for just $3/month, and call for the lowest per-minute rate.
  3. Or choose an i3 plan for just $9 per month, and get unlimited international calling to 43 nations.

Why is illumy the best calling app?

It’s totally free to call another illumy member using the built-in HD voice and video calling features. Or you can opt for a subscription plan ($3 or $9/month) and add calling credits in $5 increments. Avoid those pesky maintenance fees and other hidden costs.
Those discount VoIP services never stop advertising to you and the people call. illumy gives you a 100% ad-free experience.
Call landlines and cell phones anywhere (excluding premium numbers), or call hundreds of other international calling destinations.
By upgrading to an illumy i2 or i3 plan, you’ll get a United States-based area code and phone number that will display on caller ID. And your friends and family can call you using that number, too.

With illumy, you don’t need complicated plans or calling cards. There are no surprise charges on your phone bill, nor are there extra steps to call your aunties or anyone else wherever they may be.

No more calling cards

Calling cards are complicated, and they’re loaded with hidden fees that can add up fast. And they don’t allow you to use your credit card, only cash or a debit card. illumy’s rates for calling are lower than just about everyone else’s. You can use your credit card to pay, and you can upgrade or downgrade your whenever you want—no hidden fees, no contracts.

Call with HD video and HD voice

Know what’s better than really cheap rates? Calling for FREE! Use illumy’s high-def voice and video features to call any other illumy member in the world. Go on, invite your friends and loved ones to the best calling app—illumy.

illumy beats the big carriers

Calling India with your landline or mobile carrier is very expensive. But with illumy, you can call hundreds of other countries for super low rates. For example, $5 of calling credit with illumy equates to 200 minutes of call time—whether you’re calling a mobile number or a landline.
And when you sign up for a new i2 or i3 plan, you’ll receive $2 in calling credits to use as you wish. That two bucks covers more than an hour of talk time (80 minutes).

Quick guide: call from the U.S. in 3 steps

  1. Sign up for illumy, and then choose an i2 or i3 plan.
  2. In the mobile app, tap the Dial Pad icon. In a web browser, click the Phone icon.
  3. Dial 011, country code, and then the rest of the phone number.
  4. Start talking with friends and family without going broke.

Frequently Asked Questions

The credits that come with your account and the ones you purchase are valid for one year.
Nope! Calling with illumy works anywhere you are, provided you’re connected to the internet. The phone number you pick when you upgrade to a paid plan, though, will be a U.S.-based area code and number.
You bet. illumy doesn’t eavesdrop or allow advertisers or data-collectors to do so, either. And when you use HD video and HD voice calling on the illumy platform (meaning you don’t dial a phone number; you use the app to call), your conversations are encrypted, end to end.

illumy was created by a team of people with decades of experience in telecommunications. Our tech is very advanced, which enables us to access the VoIP and traditional phone networks without compromising on quality. And we use the same international and long-distance carriers that the major telcos use. So we get the same rates that the mobile and landline providers do, but we don’t mark them up for obscene profits. That means you get the best possible call quality for exceptionally low prices!

  1. Download the free mobile app from illumy on your Android or iOS device.
  2. Launch the illumy app, and then tap the Dial Pad icon.
  3. Type in “011 91,” followed by the India phone number.

That’s easy. illumy! Our contracts with the same carriers that all the major telecom companies use for international calling enables us to pass on super cheap rates to call India and hundreds of other international destinations.

It’s easy to calculate just how inexpensive it is. If you need to call India for an hour each month, you’ll want to get the i2 plan. It’s just $3/month, and calling landlines or mobile numbers is only 2.5¢ each minute. That means your monthly one-hour call costs $3 (for the i2 plan), plus $1.50 (2.5¢ x 60 minutes), for a total of $4.50 If you need to call India for two hours or more per month, then you’ll want to upgrade to the i3 plan for $9/month. That plan includes unlimited calling to India and 42 other nations—there aren’t any per-minute charges.

Of course, using voice and video calling on the illumy app can save you even more money, since it’s 100% free (perfect for when you call the same people in India regularly). And it’s ad-free. No hidden fees, data gathering, or listening in on your calls.

Calling Rates for

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i1 plan i2 plan i3 plan
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i1 plan i2 plan i3 plan
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Landline n/a
Mobile n/a
Premium n/a
Details: Calls are rounded up to the nearest minute. A fair usage policy applies to unlimited calling capabilities. Some premium, special rate, or geographic numbers are not included. Restrictions apply.

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